Way of the expert

Their are three routes to beginning the Way of the Expert: completion of the Way of the Novice with Master Daniele, completion of the Way of the Novice with one of the school instructors, or, if you are a student from another school who has experience of the disciplines taught in the Nei Dan School, after an evaluation by the master himself.

On the Way of the Expert, you will continue the study of Nei Gong, leading you to refine the power of the central axis and of the arches of the body and control of the three dantians, in order to acquire the “three external and internal harmonies”.

You will deepen your studies of the more technical aspects of the long forms of your chosen style of Taiji Quan (Yang o Chen) including their martial applications.

Should you be interested in learning more about the meditative side of the method, the Nei Dan School offers courses of Tao G.E.D. online or in Bologna under the guidance of Master Daniele for those on the Way of the Expert. For more information please contact the School Office.