Discover the Nei Dan Method, devised by Master Flavio Daniele over more than fifty years of teaching

The Nei Dan School offers teaching which draws on the vast cultural heritage and wisdom of ancient East Asia, sifted through multidisciplinary training methods.

  • Chen-Style Taiji Quan
  • Yang-Style Taiji Quan
  • Xin Yi Quan
  • Ba Gua Zhang
  • Taoist Yoga and Alchemical Meditation
  • Qi Gong
  • Nei Gong
  • Tao G.E.D. (Global Energetic Development)


The Nei Dan School practises Chinese internal martial arts by combining their long traditions with teaching methods adapted to the modern Western student. Our rich heritage derives from the teachings of Master George (Guo Ming) Xu and other great Chinese masters, in a system devised by Master Flavio Daniele.


Along with martial arts, the Nei Dan Method is geared towards balanced development of the mental, spiritual and energetic aspects of Chinese and Indian traditions: a holistic approach creating the perfect environment for a student to fulfil their full potential.

The Way of the Novice

Introduces the theoretical and practical basics of the disciplines, the forms and their applications. The course is aimed at those with little to no experience.

The Way of the Expert

Allows for in-depth study of the martial, energetic and esoteric applications of the various disciplines. The course is ideal for students wishing to build on a firm grasp of the basics.

The Way of the Instructors

For those wishing to train as teachers of the Nei Dan Method. The course combines martial, meditative, energetic and philosophical-cultural practices.

Discover more about the international network affiliated with the Nei Dan School, which involves a team of scientists and researchers who combine the most recent breakthroughs in Western science with the wisdom of ancient East Asia.