Do you still have doubts? Consult the FAQ:

    What sets the Nei Dan School apart from other martial arts schools?

    In studying with an instructor or master of the Nei Dan School, you will enter a community of practitioners following a method developed by Master Daniele over more than fifty years of teaching. The master has studied many of the most widespread East Asian practices and physical disciplines, extracting their essence to arrive at an understanding of the internal structure of the body and its motor skills. His method merges the great traditions of India and China and is applicable to any martial style or physical discipline, from Yoga to dance. His approach does not just mimic the slowness of Taiji Quan to achieve calm, nor unlock the mind simply by sitting down to meditate, nor release physical tension by merely imitating the asanas of Yoga. The goal of the Nei Dan School Method is not to teach empty gestures or rituals, but to achieve a true alchemical inner revolution.

    How can I find my nearest the branch of the Nei Dan School?

    The Nei Dan School has branches and instructors throughout Italy. On the Teachers page, you can browse the list by region and discipline. In addition, Master Daniele has created numerous online courses which can be accessed from the comfort of your own home and holds regular live webinars.

    How do I begin my studies of the Nei Dan Method?

    Locate the branch nearest to you by consulting the list on the Teachers page. Alternatively, Master Daniele has created a comprehensive series of video courses which are available at To gain an understanding of the Nei Dan Method before even setting foot in the gym, it is highly recommended to read Master Daniele’s written works: a full list can be found here.

    How do I choose the course best suited to me?

    Whatever discipline you may have studied in the past, the best way to understanding of the Nei Dan Method is through deep study of Nei Gong or “internal work”, which provides the foundation for reaping the full benefits of any style of martial art or Yoga. The school offers courses for beginners or more advanced students (also accessible online), as well as an intensive training course to qualify as an instructor.

    What is Nei Gong?

    At the heart of the Nei Dan School and Master Daniele’s method is Nei Gong (also known as Nei Kung or “internal work”): a training system based on ancient practices from the Chinese martial arts tradition centred on the inner structures and functions of the body. Divided into a progressive series of levels, it enhances elastic, spiral and explosive strength. Study of Nei Gong will allow you to refine the power of the central axis and the arches of the body, gain control of the three dantians and thus acquire the “three external and internal harmonies”.

    What is Taoist Yoga?

    Taoist Yoga is central to the teachings of the Nei Dan School. A harmonic assimilation of the great traditions of India (Yoga) and China (Taoist Energetic Alchemy and Taiji Quan), it aims to activate skills, develop latent potential and release natural forces and energies we do not even know we possess.
    When applied to interpersonal relationships, sports and mind-body disciplines (Yoga, Taiji, martial arts), it makes us aware of our inner strengths and qualities, leading to high-level performance and results.
    Its practice allows us to shift from a conception of the body as a “tool of physical training that consumes life” to that of a “conscious body that lives/increases life”, capable of discovering hidden potential and activating forces and energies previously unknown to us.
    Dynamic, flexible and geared towards the integration of the three fundamental dimensions of the human being (mental, physical and energetic), the practice allows us to overcome the complex psychophysical obstacles which impair harmonious expression of free-flowing movement, promoting a better perception of our bodies both from a psychophysical and, in particular, a vital energy perspective.