The Nei Dan School

“Nei Dan” was the name which Taoist monks dedicated to the cultivation of the Principle of Vital Force gave to the amalgamation of techniques and methods intended to strengthen the body and develop internal energy. Fused with martial arts over the centuries, these practices gave rise to what are known in China as the internal martial arts: Taiji Quan, Xin Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang. In 1993, Master Flavio Daniele founded the Tavola di Smeraldo (“Emerald Table”), renamed the Nei Dan School in 1995, with the aim of spreading the practice of internal arts by combining their long traditions with teaching methods adapted to the modern Western student. Drawing upon this deep well of knowledge systemised by Master Daniele across seven books and a series of video courses, the school addresses the mental, spiritual and energetic aspects of the arts—too often overlooked through ignorance or considered outdated and useless—and places particular emphasis on balanced development of the various elements of internal disciplines.

Master George (Guo Ming) Xu has been the mentor of the school since 1995. As well as sharing his great learning with instructors and students alike, he has helped to foster links with some of the greatest Chinese masters, allowing privileged access to the country’s authentic martial traditions.
Master Daniele’s keen interest in Indian disciplines has led to the school’s development of Taoist Yoga, a harmonious assimilation of the great Indian and Chinese traditions (Yoga, Taoist Energetic Alchemy and Taiji Quan).
On the international stage, the Nei Dan School is a member of WACIMA (Worldwide Association for Chinese Internal Martial Arts), while its team of qualified instructors are scattered throughout Italy.