Way of the novice

The three-year Way of the Novice welcomes you to a community of practitioners led by Master Daniele. You will embark on the study of Nei Gong (Nei Kung) or “internal work”: a training system based on ancient exercises of the Chinese martial tradition which acts on the inner structures and functions of the body and is a cornerstone of the Nei Dan School Method.

As you progress through the levels, you will feel your elastic, spiral and explosive strength grow. Nei Gong will act as a key to unlock your practice of Taiji Quan: beginning with the basics, then progressing to the individual techniques of the form (Chen or Yang Style) and, in the third year, Tui Shou (pair work and applications).

You can set out on the Way of the Novice by finding your nearest Nei Dan School branch or instructor here, listed by region and discipline practised. Alternatively, Master Daniele has created numerous online courses that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home and holds regular live webinars: all audiovisual content is available at the TaiChiOnline.it.

Whatever your choice, it is highly recommended to read Master Daniele’s written works to reap the full benefits of the programme.

Should you be interested in learning more about the the meditative side of the method, the Nei Dan School offers courses of Tao G.E.D. online for those on the Way of the Novice.

For more information please contact  the School Office .