The three ways of the Tao

A common thread unites the various “ways” of knowledge: martial arts and meditation techniques have a shared foundation which brings into close proximity an exclusively mental and a predominantly physical approach.

The volume is divided into three sections: the first examines the physical, mental and energetic components of movement, highlighting how often science and ancient wisdom express the same thing in two different languages ​​(one logical-rational, the other symbolic-analogical). The second part focuses on the subtle link between matter and energy on the one hand, and energy and mind on the other. The third and final part describes how, by working on our inner life, we can raise our plane of clarity and awareness.

This book is for all those who, with love and perseverance, follow a “way” (tao): for those “warriors” who aspire to something more than the practice of martial arts; for those “seekers” who have dedicated themselves to the study of the experiential disciplines of inner research (Taiji Quan, Yoga, Zen, meditation) and for those “sages” who aspire to the truth inherent in the great East Asian philosophical-religious systems (Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism).

Publisher: Luni Editrice; 2020 (new edition); 224 pages.