The Ancient Form of Chen-Style Taiji Quan

A truly collective effort, this book was pieced together lovingly by Master Flavio Daniele with the aid of a number of his students and instructors, who brought to it their individual skills and talents.

It serves as both a reference manual for the study and perfection of this ancient 83-posture form of Taiji as passed down to Master Daniele by Masters Ma Hong and George Xu, and as an introduction to the mesmerising style, the complexity of which renders it so difficult to learn and teach.

With the development of the form described in great detail and embellished with original illustrations, it represents an invaluable tool for teachers of this extraordinary art and a key text for all those who wish to learn the authentic Chinese martial tradition of the style.

Publisher: Luni Editrice; 2020 (new edition); 224 pages.