Xin Yi Quan: The Art of Instinctive Combat

Master Flavio Daniele explores one of the most esoteric and mysterious of all styles of Chinese martial arts: Xin Yi Quan, known and admired for its effectiveness in real combat. He reveals the secrets of the practice, jealously guarded for centuries, both in their physical and mental aspects, and demonstrates the science behind their efficacy and relevance. Entering the maze of the raw instinct, he explains how to bring it under conscious control to develop a natural and powerful way of moving and a sense of physical unity, like that of animals.

Featuring hundreds of photos in high definition, the text comes accompanied by an educational video that guides the practitioner step-by-step through this fascinating and mysterious discipline, which stands shoulder to shoulder with Taiji Quan and Ba Gua Zhang in the trilogy of Chinese internal martial arts. .

Publisher: Ponchiroli; 2009; 204 pages.