The Secret Power of the Body in Martial Arts

To ensure that our bodies move in unison with agility, power and energy in any given situation, our muscles must be able to withstand the effort without stiffening and to work in perfect synchrony like a well-rehearsed orchestra.

A good martial arts practitioner must have, above all, a body in harmony and in good health: strong and flexible, and capable of expressing maximum energy with minimum effort. They must combine power with elasticity, stability with dynamism, softness with hardness, in a series of creative and dynamic relationships to form a complete martial artist: strong but not rigid, relaxed but not weak, calm but not cowardly.

How to combine such contrasting qualities that are seen as mutually exclusive? How to train to develop such opposing characteristics? Certainly not with the sole aid of training methods borrowed from the world of sport, but by re-evaluating the ancient methods of internal work (Nei Gong) that lie at the heart of every traditional martial art. These methods are the subject of this book and are described by Master Flavio Daniele and illustrated in such depth and detail that it take its place as a classic of the genre.

Publisher: Luni Editrice; 2020 (new edition); 224 pages.