The Three Secret Powers of Taiji Quan: Body, Mind and Energy

Flavio Daniele reveals—for the first time in a clear and comprehensible manner and in a language adapted for the modern practitioner—the ancient secrets of Taiji Quan, jealously guarded for centuries by entire generations of masters and students.

Its teachings, which, if properly applied, can lead to a deep understanding of the martial art, are gleaned not from translation or reworking of ancient or modern texts, but from the author’s direct engagement with the most authentic martial tradition of the Chinese masters.

Richly illustrated with photographs and drawings that clarify the theoretical concepts presented by Master Daniele, the book offers a deliberately simple but exhaustive look at Taiji Quan. It represents an invaluable resource for any student of a martial art or traveller on a path to self-discovery, since what unites the different “ways” far outweighs that which divides them.

Publisher: Luni Editrice; 2020 (new edition); 224 pages