Master Wang Hao Da

Originally from Shanghai, he studied Wu-Style Taiji Quan for over twenty years with Ma Yueh Liang, one of the most important masters in the entire history of Chinese Taiji. Considered a student worthy of such a great master, his skill and mastery—especially in Tui Shou—was of the highest order and his plane of practice purely internal: pure yi/qi.

Together with Master Xu, he was co-mentor of the school until, in the spring of 2002, he lost his long battle with a terrible disease at the age of 78. Under his leadership, the school was able to enrich its heritage of learning not only in terms of quantity but, more importantly, in quality. His teachings, based on the use of yi (“intent of the mind”) to guide qi and give motion to the body, are now a cornerstone of the Nei Dan School Method.