The mentor of the Nei Dan School, he was born in Shanghai and set off on his journey through martial arts in 1969, going on to study a variety of systems: Xin Yi of the Six Harmonies and Ten Animals, Ba Gua of the Snake, Mian Quan or “Cotton Fist”, Ian Shou, and Ba Gua

Born in 1925, he lived in Shi Jia Zhuang in Hebei Province until his death in December 2013. He was introduced to Yang-Style Taiji Quan for health reasons in later life and subsequently turned to Chen Style under Chen Zhao Kui, the most iconic master of the penultimate generation of the Chen family and son

m° ye-xiao-long in una posizione

Of the same generation as Master Ma Hong, he lives in Shanghai, where he teaches Yang-Style Taiji Quan and Shaolin lan Shou. He was a guest of the school in August 1998 and remains a valuable influence through the knowledge he has passed down to Master Xu and the time Master Daniele has spent with

M° Wang Hao

Originally from Shanghai, he studied Wu-Style Taiji Quan for over twenty years with Ma Yueh Liang, one of the most important masters in the entire history of Chinese Taiji. Considered a student worthy of such a great master, his skill and mastery—especially in Tui Shou—was of the highest order and his plane of practice purely

M° Wang Zhi Xiang

A master of Chinese calligraphy and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine specialising in Tui Na, he took up Xin Yi Quan of the Six Harmonies and Ten Animals at the age of fourteen. At eighteen he began studying Yang-Style Taiji Quan with Dong Bing, a student of Dong Yin Jie, himself a student of Yang

M° Ji A Dong

As a young man, he practised Shaolin Gong Fu and many of the fundamental arts. From 1965 to 1973 he studied Lan Shou (an Emei style of Gong Fu) with master Pan A Mu, who in turn had studied with the legendary master of Lan Shou, Fu Cai Xian. In 1973 he met Master Rao

M° Qian Zhao Hong

Until his death in 2017, he was considered one of the greatest Xing Yi fighters in China. He was a member of the Shanghai Wu Shu Association, Vice President of the Shanghai Ba Gua Institute, Vice President of the Shanghai Wu Dong Qi Gong Institute, and reached the highest level (ninth generation) of Xin Yi

M° Liu Bo Xue

Descending from a long line of martial artists, he began his studies at the age of thirteen. His great-grandfather Liu Kun studied Taiji Quan with Yang Jian Ho and Yang Cheng Fu, as well as Tong Bei Quan with Wang Qin Zhou, the Gong Fu brother-in-arms of Zhang Chu, the greatest martial artist of the

M° Wang Zhuang Hong

A student of Dong Yin Jie and Zhu Gui Tien, the famous master of Ba Gua and Xin Yi, he was a Taiji Quan master of high lineage, as well as a calligraphy teacher whose texts are studied at universities in China and Japan. His Yang Style of Taiji was as great and majestic as