M° Li Tian Wei

Martial arts are in Master Li Tian Wei’s blood: his father was among the best students of the legendary Master Lu Song Gao, who brought the Xin Yi style to Shanghai and began to teach it outside the Muslim community. Master Li is also a gifted painter: his style, like that of his martial art, […]

A specialist of the highest order in Chen-Style Taiji Quan, he studied with some of the best masters in China, including Master Feng Zhi Xiang, one of the star pupils of Chen Fa Ke. His profound knowledge of the different styles of Taiji makes him a complete master. His internal force, calm and relentless, is

He began his studies in Shaolin Gong Fu, then furthered his knowledge of the Tong Bei Quan style with Master Lu Yong Chen and studied under Master Liu Bo Xue. He practises Yang-Style Taiji Quan and is a weapons expert, with numerous tournament victories to his name. He is Vice President of the Wu Shu

M° Wu Wen Wei

A brother-in-arms of Master Qian Shao Hong, he studies Xin Yi Quan with Lu An Guang, student of the legendary Master Lu Song Gao. He practises both Chen- and Yang-Style Taiji Quan with Master Chang Zheng Lin and Tui Shou (“Pushing Hands”) with Jiang Zhong Bao. He is an expert in combat and Iron Shirt

M° Wang Lian Fu

An expert in Yang-Style Taiji Quan, he teaches the ancient style of Yang Ban Hou, son of Yang Lu Chang. This style retains unaltered the martial features of the form, preserving its fa jin and variations in rhythm between slow and fast movements. He lives in Lang Fang and was a visiting teacher at the

M° Qian Shi Yin

A respected member of a martial arts dynasty, he inherited the school of his father, Qian Zhao Hong, and has maintained its illustrious reputation in the teaching of Xin Yi Quan both in Shanghai and abroad. He was a guest of the Nei Dan School in 2019, at its annual retreat.