Master Ji A Dong

As a young man, he practised Shaolin Gong Fu and many of the fundamental arts. From 1965 to 1973 he studied Lan Shou (an Emei style of Gong Fu) with master Pan A Mu, who in turn had studied with the legendary master of Lan Shou, Fu Cai Xian. In 1973 he met Master Rao Shao Ping and became his live-in apprentice. HIs lineage descends directly from Yang Cheng Fu, through Wu Hui Chuan and Wu Yun Zuo.

A kind and generous teacher, Master Ji is highly respected in Shanghai both for his ability in Tui Shou (“Pushing Hands”), in which he follows the ever-shifting yin/yang intently and displays remarkable powers of perception, and for his form of Taiji Quan. His specialties are refined shifts in yin/yang, the ability to weaken the opponent by dissipating and eradicating their strength, and powerful fa jin (“explosive strength”). He was a guest of the school in 2006 and 2007.