Nei Dan School

Several decades ago, after years of practice and study of East Asian martial arts, I became fully aware that I had no interest in becoming a Buddhist, Hindu or Taoist, much less an expert theorist in any East Asian discipline. I was not looking to escape from reality but to understand it. I sought not […]

Flavio Daniele reveals—for the first time in a clear and comprehensible manner and in a language adapted for the modern practitioner—the ancient secrets of Taiji Quan, jealously guarded for centuries by entire generations of masters and students. Its teachings, which, if properly applied, can lead to a deep understanding of the martial art, are gleaned

A common thread unites the various “ways” of knowledge: martial arts and meditation techniques have a shared foundation which brings into close proximity an exclusively mental and a predominantly physical approach. The volume is divided into three sections: the first examines the physical, mental and energetic components of movement, highlighting how often science and ancient

To ensure that our bodies move in unison with agility, power and energy in any given situation, our muscles must be able to withstand the effort without stiffening and to work in perfect synchrony like a well-rehearsed orchestra. A good martial arts practitioner must have, above all, a body in harmony and in good health:

A truly collective effort, this book was pieced together lovingly by Master Flavio Daniele with the aid of a number of his students and instructors, who brought to it their individual skills and talents. It serves as both a reference manual for the study and perfection of this ancient 83-posture form of Taiji as passed